Summer marketing tips

Summer marketing tips

Summer marketing tips !

Some businesses thrive during the summer, while those in other industries find that work slows down when everyone goes on holiday. Here are a few Summer marketing tips to get your business back into the lime light !

Outdoor Marketing

In the beautiful, warm weather, why not take the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while you promote your business? Summer is a great time to hang out new banners and put up posters to make sure you stay in your customers’ minds.

During June, July and August  you could also take the opportunity to enjoy some sunshine while handing out samples, coupons, business cards or flyers.


Flyers & Leaflets

There are other ways of marketing to people where they live. Printed leaflets through the letterbox are more helpful than many business owners think, as studies have shown that 56% of consumers consider print media more trustworthy, and 79% of households will read or at least scan through direct mail adverts.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent way of boosting your online presence and connecting with customers throughout the year, but is especially helpful during the summer months. For one, it can be used completely free. For many companies that experience slow periods during the summer, budgets decrease accordingly, so free advertising becomes an increasingly appealing option.

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