Make Your Business Soar

Make Your Business Soar

Make Your Business Soar

Learn how to create leaflets and flyers that can help generate business in a way online promotion just can’t compete with.

1. Choose A Direct Message

Do you want it to sell a specific service or advertise a special offer or event? Knowing what you want to say is key to designing the perfect leaflet or flyer.

2. Identify your audience

  • Where the audience is from – local, regional, national or global?

3. Leaflet or flyer?

  • A Flyer (which is printed single or double sided)
  • A Leaflet (which is printed single or double sided & folded double-sided)

4. Draft your ideas

Use a sketchpad and be as creative or restrained as you like. Give yourself a better idea of how much text and images you will need.

5. Work on your copy

Before having the finished design for your shiny new leaflets or flyers, it’s worth having the written content ready. When doing that, you should:

  • Explain what you’re advertising.
  • Create a headline that will immediately grab people’s attention.
  • Ensure your text is easy to understand.
  • End with a call to action to encourage people to do what you’re asking e.g. ‘get in touch’ or ‘come along’.

6. Proofread your content

This is hugely important. For the proofreading process, you should check for spelling and grammatical errors and see if the tone of voice used matches your company’s branding.

7. Start your design

If you’re going it alone or getting someone else to do it for you and you’re wanting to check the design over before it goes to print, you should consider:

  • What goes where – make sure that it all flows and is in the right order.
  • Imagery – good quality shots are the order of the day. If they’re unique, as opposed to stock photos, that’s even better.

8. Don’t forget

Contact details are just as important as what you’re trying to promote. If people don’t know what your web address is, where your physical shop is located, or how to get in touch to make a booking, your flyers aren’t going to be drumming up any business.

You should include:

  • Email address.
  • Web address.
  • Phone number.
  • Social links, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.

9. Add a tear-off form/coupon

Alongside contact details, it might be worth adding a tear-off coupon or form for people to fill in. A form could invite people to enter a competition, sign up for special offers or even apply for membership.

10. Make Your Business Soar & Get them noticed

Once you’ve managed to get them designed, proofed and printed, the final step is to get your leaflets and flyers noticed. If you have a shop or office, give them pride of place in a spot customers or clients can see them, such as by the entrance or at the checkout. If you don’t, see about dropping them in places where your potential customers might be, like stores or waiting rooms. Handing them out on the street or at events can be effective, too.

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Make Your Business Soar


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