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Make a greater impact with lamination

Make a greater impact with lamination

Make a greater impact with lamination, leaflets have been the go-to direct marketing and communication tool for many years. However, with countless flyers falling through letterboxes every day across the UK, how can your leaflet cut through the clutter?

The answer is a simple but effective one  – Make a greater impact with lamination !

Protect and serve

In years gone by, lamination was seen as a method merely to protect the printed product from damage. Although this is true, lamination offers so much more, with the ability to add an extra-special feel to the final printed leaflet. For this reason, it is even more crucial to stand out from the crowd and appeal to the audience.

Let’s take business cards as an example; lamination will of course protect the card, but also make it much more satisfying to hold.

This is exactly why we have introduced laminated options for both our folded and creased leaflet products. We want to add as much value to your printed work as we possibly can and while the colours and design that you choose for your leaflet will go a long way to achieving this, lamination can add that crucial finishing touch.

The smooth feel of a laminated surface makes it more likely that the person picking up the item will keep hold of it – partly because it will be more durable, but also because it will give the impression of quality.

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