How to gain more repeat customers

How to gain more repeat customers

How to gain more repeat customers

It’s a BIG mistake to think that once you’ve made that sale, your job is done. Here’s how to gain more repeat customers

What you do after a customer leaves your business is just as important as what you do to draw them there in the first place. Check out these ideas for earning repeat customers. Repeat customers are the main part of your business.

Build Relationships

Collecting a loyal base of repeat customers is essential. It allstarts when your marketing efforts attract them to your company the first time, as well as how they’re treated during their initial transaction with you. And it certainly doesn’t end once they’ve paid for that first item and walked out the door. Building relationships will continue to keep customers interested for future opportunities.

By valuing the life of an entire relationship with a customer over a single transaction, you’ll keep people coming back and your company will flourish.

How To Build Relationships

Building relationships with customers will increase the likelihood of future sales.This all comes down to great customer service.

When a customer chooses to do business with you:

  • Express your appreciation each time.
  • Treat your customers like they’re your friends.
  • A follow up thank you email or card is sufficient to let repeat customers know they are valued.
  • Answer their enquiries promptly, whether it’s a question or a complaint, acknowledging and addressing what your customers have to say will let them know you value their their opinions.
  • Keep it a friendly service.

Offer perks

Some common ideas include:

  • Discount codes for future purchases
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Loyalty cards.

For the little bit of cost, you can offer your customers a “thank you” that will probably result in them spending more with you.

Perks are a brilliant way to let customers know that you value their business.

Engage your staff

If you treat your employees with the same attention and care as your customers; letting them know they are valued for their contributions, then you will be surprised at how they will happily sing the praises of your company to their friends and family. Knowing that a business treats its staff with respect and kindness will encourage many people to give it their custom.

Another way your staff can acquire repeat customers is by knowing your products or services better than anyone else in the marketplace. Bigger companies may offer something similar, but when you establish yourself as the expert in your field, customers will flock to you for your knowledge and expertise.

Watch Your Competition

You might be the expert in your field, but that’s still no excuse for ignoring the competition.

If you want to gain multiple streams of repeat customers, you need to know what others in your industry are up to.

  • Know what products and services they’re offering and how they’re pricing them.
  • Check out social media to see how people are reacting to them, or what questions they’ve raised.
  • Take a look at how your competitors deal with complaints or reviews when they come in online.

By analysing what others in your field are up to, you’ll be more likely to gain repeat customers who will be enticed by your competitive prices and friendly service.

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